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Technical training is understood as all those studies and apprenticeships aimed at job insertion, reintegration and updating,​ whose main objective is to increase and adapt the knowledge and skills of current and future workers throughout their lives. ​

At JPosma, we understand that continuous and permanent training generates value in all areas of the company. It is necessary to decisively face the fact that all the company's personnel must really know the purpose of the effort they make, considering to whom said effort is directed, which is none other than that our customers receiving the product they buy from us with full satisfaction. In this way, synergies are generated that help to carry out the work collaboratively with all the company's personnel.

For all these reasons, our effort is aimed at training the company, from the machinists, through sales, administration...

We have the necessary means: teaching material, on-site work and digital media.


The experience and knowledge of our professionals in the sector allows us to offer specialized consulting services in all areas of activity of corrugated cardboard companies, advising individuals, companies or groups of companies and covering the most diverse aspects of the activities they carry out, whether work activities, such as regulatory or legal, in aspects such as lean manufacturing, processes, workflows, quality systems, environment, etc., in order to find solutions to any of your business problems or business needs, which is based on innovation, experience, knowledge, skills of all company personnel.

We help solve any of these situations that occur to us in our daily lives, in a changing and constantly evolving world.


Together with training and consulting and following with the idea of improving and evolving all the processes of a corrugated cardboard factory, we act as commercial agents for some of the most important manufacturers of machinery, software, tools, digital printing, displays , aids in the manufacture of cardboard…. We have a portfolio of representatives of the highest level to which we join with the idea of offering the best solutions and the best technical and commercial service.

Our objective is to develop an activity that adds value to the company, for which we make ourselves available to our clients and the sector.


About us

Our leader and driving force is Jesús Pérez Osma, who has 40 plus years of experience in the corrugated board sector.


During his career, his ethics and skills have gained him the respect of his equals.


These principles are now our values.

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